From sending money to family abroad to buying property overseas - CurrencyFair has you covered.

CurrencyFair launched in Ireland twelve years ago and since then it has grown internationally to help customers worldwide send and receive money overseas at better exchange rates and cheaper than the banks.

Some providers hide fees in their exchange rate or make information difficult to find, but at CurrencyFair the fee is always just $4 (or currency equivalent), regardless of the amount you’re sending. To make things even better, new customers receive their first five transfers for fee-free!

So how do customers use CurrencyFair?

If you're planning on buying property overseas, you can avoid hefty markups on exchange rates when buying and selling overseas real estate with CurrencyFair’s low-margin foreign exchange (FX) rates.

That's what CurrencyFair customer John did when he needed to transfer money abroad to buy a home away from home in sunny Spain.

“I started to use CurrencyFair many years ago when I was in Australia,” recounts John. “Friends had used it and it bypassed the banks who were charging extortionate fees for transferring funds overseas combined with uncompetitive exchange rates.

As CurrencyFair has local bank accounts across the globe, most international transfers on its platform are treated as domestic transfers, saving you time and money.

Having already used CurrencyFair to send money abroad to his daughter in the United Kingdom, John knew he could save money when it was time to sign the final papers and transfer the funds to Spain to buy a holiday home.

“Over the past eight to 10 years, I have used CurrencyFair quite a bit to transfer funds from Australia to the UK and Spain and more recently, I cashed in my pension in Australia, sold my house, and transferred the funds initially to Spain and then from Spain to the UK”.

“I think the main difference between CurrencyFair and a bank is that CurrencyFair has a very good communication system that lets the user know exactly where the funds are and what amounts will be received together with the timeframe involved."

CurrencyFair officially launched in the USA in April this year and now you can sign up for an account online or download the CurrencyFair mobile app.

Find out more information about CurrencyFair on its website and see the latest updates on Facebook and Twitter.