An Irish Christmas is all about the traditions, recipes, songs, decorations, and special greetings. 

The Irish and Christmas have a very special relationship. Two weeks of traditions, classic and wacky alike, with many from the Irish diaspora flying back to Ireland to join the family or forging their own special traditions abroad.

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So what are some of the special Irish things you do for Christmas? Do you leave a can of Guinness, a slice of Christmas cake and a carrot out on Christmas Eve? Do you take the Christmas pudding out of deep freeze to thaw in September?

Do you set the alarm for 6 am to put the turkey in the oven (and then sleep through it)? Are you and half the pub wearing the same winter dress from Penneys?

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Killarney Hotels in Co. Kerry made a thorough infographic of 30 ways you know you’re Irish at Christmas (in under 140 characters, with relevant hashtags so you can tweet about it).

They’ve featured some from IrishCentral’s lists as well, including charity swims on Stephen’s Day, drenching your Christmas pudding in whiskey, and the Irish love for USA biscuits (Christmas cookies) in a decorative tin.

Check out their festive list here!

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* Originally published in 2016.

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