A cafe owner in Vancouver got on the bad side of Irish people everywhere when he posted a photo of an improperly poured Guinness to the restaurant’s Facebook page.

Instead of a perfect creamy head of foam, the unfortunate Guinness was overflowing onto the table and sliding down the glass “like it belonged in a cheap Budweiser commercial” reports VinePair.

Commenters took note immediately, says Dan Olson, the owner of the Railtown Cafe.

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What a horribly poured pint of Guinness!

What a horribly poured pint of Guinness!

“There was some irate people up there and, believe me, there were some colorful comments,” Olson told CBC Radio.

“Let’s just say that Jesus Christ was brought into it on more than one occasion. One comment actually said that Jesus wept when he saw our pint of Guinness.”

The Irish Independent called it “sacrilegious,” and the Irish Mirror said it “caused Irish people everywhere to grimace in disgust.”

Olson is trying to make amends for the offensive Guinness by offering a free pint and shot of Jameson to anyone with an Irish passport.

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He has since posted a new photo on Facebook that looks like he photoshopped a good Guinness into the old picture.

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