Ever wondered what the Irish expression ‘acting the maggot' means?

You might have seen this phrase online, on a t-shirt, or even heard an Irish person say it. Maybe you were left a little bit confused, but don't worry we have a quick guide on what the expression really means and how you can use it too!

Ok, so what does it mean?:  To say someone or something is acting the maggot, means that they are acting foolishly.

Is it an insult?: No, definitely not. It's an informal way of saying someone is messing around and depending on the circumstances it could be said sternly, with affection or with a hint of annoyance. 

Where does it come from?: Like many Irish expressions, such as 'eejit' or 'banjaxed' there isn't really an explanation of where the phrase comes from. We just accept them and universally Irish people everywhere know what they mean.

Some ways you can use acting the maggot in everyday conversation: 

"I used to get in trouble when I was younger attending mass because I kept acting the maggot and didn’t stop talking."

“My phone won't stop acting the maggot, it keeps dying even though the battery is full."

"My friends are a pair of messers. They were acting the maggot last night in the pub but it was actually quite funny."

"Quit acting the maggot and help me make the dinner."

We hope you learnt something new and that you enjoy the rest of your day... once you don't be acting the maggot!