A video of two violinists wearing life jackets and playing Titanic’s “Nearer My God to Thee” in an empty toilet paper aisle has gone viral.

Dublin musician Emer Kinsella and her fellow violinist Bonnie von Duyke decided to lighten the mood during the coronavirus crisis with the humorous skit.

Kinsella, 32, is a film and TV composer in Los Angeles and has played violin on the Oscar-nominated documentary ‘St Louis Superman.’

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“All the serious projects I do and then this skit explodes and takes over the internet,” she told The Irish Independent.

The video, which was recorded in Vonn’s supermarket in Santa Monica, went viral soon after being uploaded on social media.

“We wanted to create a little bit of warmth in people's lives and take their minds off the constant worry,” said Kinsella, who is largely out of work now due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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“It feels like we are on a sinking ship right now. We got together and started planning the details together and the costume and the staging. There were people watching and taking videos of us and laughing.

"There were people that were curious and laughing. Everyone has been saying thanks so much this has brightened their day. It seems like they are really appreciating it. It shows that music can really touch lives,” she said.