Mother's Day in Ireland is Sunday, March 10 this year! Here are some wise and hilarious one-liners that Irish Mammies tend to throw about to make you smile.

There is nothing like an Irish mammy and nothing better than her wit and wisdom. Inspired by Ireland's Mother's Day we had a whip-round the office and asked for some opinions.

“Sure who’ll be looking at ya anyway?”

There is no decency in vanity, stand tall and ignore the judgmental glare of others.

“Don’t leave the house without clean underwear, in case you get run over by a bus.”

There were not many buses in Roscommon, but I knew what she meant. what if you were in a traffic accident?

“Be grateful for your own lot.”

Possibly one of the most important and difficult lessons to learn, to be content with what you have, for there will always be greater and always those who are less well off.

“Your health is your wealth.”

Despite employing this mantra for life, the words usually fail to resonate until we find ourselves under the weather. Truer words could never be spoken.

“Sit down and have a nice cup of tea.”

In Ireland, tea is the solution to many of life’s great problems. Tea and sympathy when your Mom sees you are having a hard time with something.

Despite having an ample supply of both Barry’s and Lyons teabags here in NY, nothing compares to a hot drop of tea at home. There is nothing like hearing the click of the kettle before your mother drops the welcome words, “Tea anybody?”

 “I would give you the bit out of my mouth."

Irish Mammies and most mams, in general, have to be the most selfless breed who inhabit the earth. Happy to give you the clothes off their back, their sense of giving is eternal.

“Be a good host.”

Father Ted’s Missus Doyle took it to a whole different level, but my mother and all of her sisters (and come to think of it my sisters) are the best hosts going. A bit also rubbed off on my brother too! If you invite someone to your home, make them feel welcome.

“Never go to a house with one arm as long as the other.”

From the other angle, if someone invites you to their home, never show up empty-handed (you should be carrying something, so both arms are not the same length!). It’s the gesture, even a pack of biscuits (aka cookies).

“I will wash your mouth out with soap.”

Still, something my mother catches me on, don’t be vulgar. There is nothing endearing about a filthy mouth.

“Eat everything on that plate.”

My mother taught me about stamina, endurance and stomaching things you don't like. My brother taught me how to hide my leftover crusts behind the toaster.

What do you learn from your mother? Tell us below...

* Originally published in August 2016, last updated in March 2024.