St. Patrick’s Day is a time to spend with family and friends, celebrating the country and the extended Irish family that brings us all together. Why not celebrate the day with a gift to the most-loved Irish person/people in your life. Here’s a few of our favorites to get you started.

1. The Irish Jewelry Company

Show off the traditional designs of Ireland with pride with a timeless piece from The Irish Jewelry Company. Designs such as the Celtic Infinity Love Knot Necklace, the Celtic Sisters Knot pendant and the Celtic Mothers Knot Necklace mix traditional and contemporary designs to show the rich cultural heritage of Ireland's past and are the perfect symbolic gift for your favorite Celtic beauty.

Available from:

Price: $16 - $249

2. Irish Whiskey Stones

Love a chilled glass of whiskey but not willing to let ice water it down? Perfect for whiskey-lovers the world over, the Irish Whiskey Stones are small blocks of rare Irish marble that can be used to chill your glass of spirits. Cut from the Connemara mountains, the stones are masterfully crafted by Wicklow stonemason Eric Byrne to create the perfect drinking experience.

Available from:

Price: $30

3. Flights to Ireland

What better way to celebrate your Irish heritage than with your first (or tenth) trip to Ireland? Whether you call Cork or Donegal home, beautiful Ireland awaits and with Wow Airlines about to begin their cheap as chips flights and the announcement of an Aer Lingus sale, you’ll be mad to miss the opportunity.

Beginning in October, WOW Air will fly from Boston and Washington DC to Dublin for a lead in rate of $350.

Round trip rates from North America with Aer Lingus start from:

  • New York to Shannon: $699
  • New York to Dublin: $719
  • Boston to Dublin: $799
  • Chicago to Dublin: $899
  • San Francisco to Dublin: $1,099
  • Toronto to Dublin: $649


4. Legend of Fionn: The Salmon of Knowledge - Interactive iPad ebook

The classic Irish mythological tale is given a modern twist with this interactive and and animated retelling in the iPad. Developed by Team Tradigital, the 80-page book brings us on the journey of Fionn Mac Cumhaill as becomes warrior leader of the Fianna. A unique and original experience for all ages.

More information available:

Price: $3.17

5. Silly McGilly

Do your children want to get involved in the St. Patrick’s Day fun? Silly McGilly is here to help, playing tricks and telling stories of Ireland throughout the year. Perfect for the classroom or playroom, Silly McGilly comes with an 8” plush doll and a hardcover storybook.

Available at:

Price: $29.95

6. Jar of Ireland

Always wanted to set foot on Irish soil or hold a piece of the clay in your fingers but just never got the chance? Flights just too expensive? Well, now you don’t have to make the trip! Whether you’re a homesick export or a proud Irish American, Jar of Ireland can ship you a jar of genuine Irish peat, a personalized note and your very own shamrock seeds.

Available at:

Price: $20

7. Guinness and Newbridge Silverware Collaborative Designer Collection

Two stalwart Irish companies join forces to bring a premium collection of jewellery, homeware and gifts showcasing their expertise and excellence in their crafts. The 1759 jewelry collection features contemporary rose gold-plated jewellery and stylish silver-plated accessories and the GUINNESS® by Newbridge Silverware stoneware collection offers beautiful homeware sandblasted to a unique navy and cream hued designer finish. The collection also includes decorations in a fabulously festive mix of GUINNESS® motifs, including harp icons, pints of the black stuff and 1759 detailing.

Available at:


  • Jewelry - $50 - $150
  • Homeware - $26 - $58
  • Decoration: $10 - $50

8. Cruciani's Four-Leaf Clover Bracelet

Wear your lucky charm on your sleeve with the Cruciana four-leaf clover bracelet. The special St. Patrick’s Day bracelets include the 'Love & Luck’ bracelet featuring a row of four-leaf clovers and hearts and multi-colored neon 'Four-Leaf Clover Anniversary” bracelet.

Available at:


  • Love and Luck - $18
  • Four-Leaf Clover Anniversary - $23.

9. The Best of Irish Country Cooking: Classic and Contemporary Recipes, by Nuala Cullen

Accomplished Irish food writer Nuala Cullen explores the best in Irish cooking in this mouth-watering cookbook of traditional, contem­porary, and seasonal recipes. Combined with beautiful scenes of the Irish countryside, 100 user-friendly recipes are laid out in this essential guide to Irish cooking.

Available from Interlink Books.

Price: $35

10. Irish rugby jersey

With Ireland well on their way to Six Nations glory (apologies if we’ve jinxed it!), you’ll want to get your hands on the official rugby jersey in preparation for the matches against Wales and Scotland. Stand proudly to sing Amrán na bhFiann/Ireland’s Call and don’t worry, they’re tear-stain resistant.

Available from:

Price: $55 - $74