The Irish Pub, located 3,450m above sea level in Namche Bazar, Nepal, is the highest and most remote Irish bar in the world and is reached by a two-day trek through the Himalayan Mountains. 

Given the arduous task of merely reaching The Irish Pub, many people have wondered how The Irish Pub receives its shipments of Guinness.

The Wonton Don, a foreign correspondent for US media outlet Barstool Sports, solved the mystery in a recent TikTok video. (Wonton Don, aka 'Donnie Does' apparently has an affinity for all things Irish - he previously visited Gaelic Park in The Bronx to try out Gaelic sports.)

"I know some of you have been asking, 'how does the highest Irish pub in the world get all their Guinness.'

"Well, the answer is... Guinness donkeys," he said, before panning to a herd of donkeys carrying kegs of Guinness. 

"You see? This herd of donkeys, they all have two kegs of Guinness strapped to their back."

Addressing the hardworking donkeys, Wonton Don said: "Listen, I know it has not been easy, but your effort does not go unnoticed."

He added: "True Nepalese heroes."

@thewontondon Beer donkeys make the world go round. #nepal #namchebazzar #irishpub #guinness #sherpa #donkey ♬ Irish Jig - Irish Pub Society

The world-famous Irish Pub is located in the small town of Namche Bazar, known as "the Gateway to Everest," which attracts thousands of visitors every year.

Founded in 2011, The Irish Pub features a large bar and fireplace, foosball tables, pool tables, and widescreen televisions with international channels, making it the perfect stop before or after scaling the world's highest mountain. 

It offers a wide range of alcohol with an emphasis on imports from Ireland, including Guinness, Jameson, Murphy's, Baileys, and Erin's Rock. 

Owner Dawa Sherpa, who grew up in Namche Bazar, told the BBC in 2020 that he was inspired to open the pub after his brother Phurba Tenzing visited an Irish bar in Kathmandu. 

The brothers believed that they had an opportunity to open the highest Irish bar in the world, standing 50 meters higher than Paddy's Bar in Cusco, Peru. 

"We worked out the elevation,” Dawa told the BBC "They were 50 meters below us."

Dawa said in 2020 that the pub charges $6.70 for a pint of Guinness and said that he doesn't make a significant profit margin selling the Black Stuff. 

"But we’re an Irish bar - we have to sell Guinness," he told the BBC. 

He said that his average customers are from Australia, the US, or Europe and are "people who just summited Everest, or people who’ve been to base camp for the first time."

He added: "And a guy who’s just climbed Everest doesn’t mind spending money. He’s buying drinks for sherpas, porters, friends. People are happy."