There are many ways to say 'hello' to someone in Ireland.iStock.


The wonderful world of spoken English in Ireland once again imposes itself on the daily greeting. Different folks, as you quickly learn, will say hello in different ways.

A sample:


Country folk.

How are you:

Grander, noble folk.

How goes the battle:

Young lads, having fun with each other.


How’s the craic:

Lads and girls, saying hello.

How in the name of Jaysus are ya:

Usually asked with concern, after a night drinking, perhaps.

How’s the form:

Breezy, young business types mostly.

How’s the lad:

Male bonding stuff.

How the hell are you:

After you’ve been ill, first appearance back.

How’s the man:

When you haven’t seen someone for a while.

How’s it going there:

Usually to a stranger.



As in what the feck was going on last night.