Irish crisp company Tayto has launched its first-ever Christmas advert, which features a heartwarming tale involving Santa Claus himself.

Tayto's Christmas advert, which debuted on November 20, shows a melancholy Santa Claus returning to the North Pole after delivering presents around the world, only to find that he has received no presents himself. 

However, in the spirit of Christmas generosity, Mr. Tayto travels to the North Pole and leaves a festive box of Tayto cheese and onion under the tree while Santa snoozes by a roaring fire. 

It is the first time that the famous Mr. Tayto has appeared in a Christmas commercial. 

Entitled "Everyone Gets a Gift," the commercial follows Santa on Christmas Eve as he ensures every child around the world gets a gift under their tree. 

"We all know that Santa is so busy each year, ensuring that every child around the world has a gift under their tree," Tayto said on YouTube.

"However, when he returns to the North Pole, there are sadly no gifts under his own tree. In the true Christmas spirit of generosity, Mr. Tayto leaves a very special gift for Santa to enjoy over Christmas as everyone gets a gift including Santa." 

The Tayto box seen in the commercial has become a Christmas mainstay in Ireland, appearing in stores throughout the country in the lead-up to December 25. 

The Christmas boxes hold 18 bags of Tayto crisps and are a staple in Irish households during the holiday season. 

“The Tayto Christmas box has been a staple in Irish households and this year 1 in every 2 households will have a Christmas box under the tree,” says Carol McCaghy, marketing manager, Tayto.

“This iconic piece of storytelling is the perfect nod to the dear place Mr.Tayto holds in the hearts of the nation.

"This touching tale invokes a delightful sense of Christmas mystery and excitement within the viewer and will no doubt signal the start of Christmas for years to come!”

You can watch Tayto's first-ever Christmas advert "Everyone Gets a Gift!" here: