“I … I’m really sorry”

Dating’s hard, but one Bumble user made it even harder after a recent faux pas surrounding 'Sunday Bloody Sunday' and the Irish.

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On Twitter, Irish user @BlaisinSquad shared some screenshots of an unfortunate recent Bumble encounter she had while in New York:

In honor of Valentine's Day, let me share the single greatest dating app interaction of my life, from when I was in New York. (note: all my bio said was that I was Irish) pic.twitter.com/VD7lVR3RMj

— blaisinsquad (@BlaisinSquad) February 13, 2019

In her Bumble biography, the woman noted that she’s “Irish,” so her new match took his shot and, well, missed:

Hey how’s your Sunday goin

Or should I say Sunday Bloody Sunday

Cuz bono


Of course, the Bumble match was referring to U2's song 'Sunday Bloody Sunday,' which refers to the 1972 Northern Ireland atrocity during The Troubles.

While the song is massively popular, the political undertones of the song have evidently gotten lost in translation for those not familiar with the conflict in Northern Ireland.

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The woman responded: “do you know what that song is about”

“Probably something gross,” the match responds, digging his hole even deeper.

“You wanna give that a google,” she recommends.

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“I …. Im really sorry.”

In fairness, good on the woman’s match for apologizing about his error.

The Irish woman later told Mashable that she didn’t hold the faux pas against her Bumble match, but when he asked her out for a drink, she “politely declined.”

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