An American-themed restaurant in Wexford town shared so good news this week, given "all the bad going on in the world today, and this kind act is getting a glowing response from the public. 

A Facebook post from Rob's Ranch House, on South Main Street, in Wexford town, highlighting a selfless action of kindness is going viral. On Wednesday, the restaurant posted a photo (above) explaining the story and searching for the anonymous couple so they could "comp" them a meal. 

An anonymous couple paid for a group of nine people's dinner, a bill of more than €200 ($218), without letting them know. Needless to say, everyone was surprised and touched. 

In the Facebook post, the restauranteur explained "With all the bad going on in the world today I feel compelled to share this story, a true story of a great act of kindness which will be followed by by another act of kindness, something we definitely need more of in this world today."

They explained that the group of nine "were enjoying their evening together. As they were almost finished their meal a couple who were dining close by got up to leave and when they were paying their bill they told staff that they wanted to pay the bill for that group also, the staff member told them the group bill was over €200 they just smiled and said that's fine we still want to pay and they did and just left... shortly afterward.

"When the staff told the group that a random couple just paid for their meal the look on their faces was priceless as was their reaction as they said (nearly in tears).

A member of the group told the restaurant staff "We go out regularly together and the next time we are out we are going to pay for someone's meal to pass on the kindness."

The restaurant ended the post by saying "If that couple want to come forward Robs Ranch House would like to treat them to a meal on us."

As the Facebook post garnered more attention one of the group of nine, Sarah Barriscale commented "I was one of the staff members with this amazing group and we just wanted to say again a massive thank you to that very kind and generous couple, we were all shocked and so thankful. We can't wait to pay it forward. Also a big thank you to the staff in Rob's Ranch House Ireland as their hospitality was amazing and made the meal so enjoyable and fun. Thank you again."     

The a Mammy of one of the group, Terri Quinlan, chimed in saying "What a beautiful gesture, such thoughtful people. My son was part of that lovely group. Many thanks."

The public also had a lot of beaming comments. One said "That’s an amazing story to read. Kindness is king."

Another said: "Wow, just wow. Absolutely restores my faith in humanity."

While another said: "This nearly made me cry... Things like this really restore my faith in humanity. Thanks for sharing."

It's so nice to see some good news being shared and we hope this kind anonymous couple is found and take advantage of their free dinner!