Shane Marno, an Irish musician, has gone viral thanks to his uncanny Christy Moore imitation, blending the Irish music legend with modern-day pop hits. 

Marno, from Co Limerick, has amassed more than 16 million views on social media platform TikTok with his hilarious imitation of Christy Moore, receiving more than 130,000 likes in the process. 

His most popular video, a crossover between Moore and US rapper Eminem, has amassed nearly one million views and well over 55,000 likes. 

Marno's Christy Moore-inspired version of Eminem's "Lose Yourself" features hilarious new lyrics, imagining what the Irish singer would sing if he produced his own version of the famous hip-hop track. 

"His forehead is shweaty, there's Guinness on his shweater already," Marno sings in the opening lines of the song. 

@shanemarnomusic Replying to @lilyof67 He was a nice fella that Eminem. Wonder what he's at out? @Hugh Carr #christymoore #irish #irishtiktok #irishfyp #wolfetones #irishcountrymusic #irishabroad ♬ original sound - ShaneMarnoMusic

He has also produced Moore-inspired versions of Beyoncé's "Texas Hold 'Em" and Dire Straits' "Sultans of Swing" (dubbed 'Sultans of Shwing' in honor of Moore's accent). 

@shanemarnomusic Anotha one #wexford #ireland #irish #christymoore #irishabroad #fyp #direstraits ♬ original sound - ShaneMarnoMusic

Marno has also written an original song that explores the far more serious theme of the emigration of Ireland's young generations to Australia and Dubai. 

"One Less Mouth to Feed" explores the difficulty of owning a home in modern-day Ireland and mourns a generation of young people "failed by inflation and viruses."

"A song I wrote today about Irish emigration," Marno wrote in a caption on TikTok. 

"It feels like almost everyone I went to school with has up and left.

"I have no desire to go but totally get where they are coming from."

@shanemarnomusic Recording my song "One less mouth to feed" this week. Not fully decided on the name yet. If the next few videos do well I'll consider releasing it straight away. Thanks for the support on the previews of it so far 💚 #irishabroad #originalmusic #independentartist #irishinoz #irishindubai #irishincanada #irishinsydney #irishinaustralia #irishsinger ♬ original sound - ShaneMarnoMusic