Wedding songs, parties, and blessings in Ireland are sure to be a bit more craic than the Royal wedding.

On Saturday, May 19, Irish American actress Meghan Markle will wed British Prince Harry in the wedding of the year, possibly even the decade. There is much excitement, even in Ireland, about the Royal wedding, even though many Irish people claim that they will not be tuning in.

One thing you can guarantee about the nuptials this Saturday, however, is that the craic won’t be half as good as it would be at a true Irish wedding. If Markel was truly to embrace her Irish roots, you could be sure that Queen Lizzy would be hitching up her skirt for a round of the Walls of Limerick or that the family’s token Irish dancer would be dragged up onto the dance floor in between “Rock the Boat” and “Summer of ‘69” to show off the talents they once had.

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Yes, while Royal wedding invites would be readily welcomed by many wishing to experience the once-in-a-lifetime honor of attending, it can’t be promised that you won’t be stuck in awkward small-talk at the dinner table or that the older relatives won’t be making a show of you, just the same as any other wedding.

If anything, party ideas for this weekend should be looking more toward an Irish wedding than a Royal wedding if you truly want to have a good time.

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Just look at these incredible examples of the fun and laughter at an Irish wedding and it’s clear as day who’ll be having more craic on Saturday, May 19.

This Irish wedding party is still up singing and having a laugh together at 5am. “The Rattlin Bog” never goes astray as a late-night wedding song:

Rattling Bog wedding singsong

What better way to end a wedding than a 5am singsong! Check out more great IrishCentral music news here: Video via Clodagh McCarthy

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And hurray for these incredible groomsmen who stole the show with their own take of Lord of the Dance at this wedding reception:

This wedding performance at a Belfast wedding, involving former “Lord of the Dance” troupe members, takes the biscuit.

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If you’re looking to organize your own Irish wedding, be sure to check out these very non-traditional Irish wedding traditions that are a must-do if you’re getting your Irish family together for a party.

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