All the redhead emoji petitions have finally worked and our red-haired friends will get the emoji representation they deserve in 2018.

Hurray for 2018 and the redhead emoji! No longer will flame-haired guys and gals have to lose out on using an emoji to express their feelings as the years of petitions have won them the right to text to their hearts’ content in images that truly represent them.

The Unicode Consortium, the all-knowing body that decides what emojis we have, announced that a new batch of 157 emojis is set to be released in June 2018 and while we’re going to get a  few superheroes, a pirate flag, a mosquito and a pink-frosted cupcake, ginger hair is most importantly going to feature for the first time.

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157 new emoji are coming to iPhone and Android later this year, including a cupcake, lobster, kangaroo, llama, mosquito and a "cold face" with dangling icicles

— CNN (@CNN) February 8, 2018

While they're not likely to hit our phones until August or even September 2018, once they do eventually arrive, we’ll have curly red hair, straight red hair and even a whole range of skin tones with red hair to choose from.

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Needless to say, redheads the whole world over are pretty excited:

I’m so excited!! Redhead emojis are finally coming! #redheademoji #redhead #redhair

— Sarah Akins (@sakins83) February 8, 2018

Glad to see the new additions. The lack of redheads has seriously impacted our inter-family emoji use. But no redhead superhero ☹️

— Matthew (@matty13) February 8, 2018

it's about time !!! as of june 2018, let it be known that i will be responding to every text and tweet with a redhead emoji bc i waited god damn long enough!!!

— THE LOGANS (@thelogansmusic) February 7, 2018

We now have until March to suggest some more new emojis, what would you pick? Do we need a leprechaun emoji?