Irish singer-songwriter Niall Horan had one thing at the top of his list for when UK pubs reopened this week - a visit to his local Irish pub for a proper pint of Guinness!

“It’s time!" Horan wrote in a Guinness ad shared on his Instagram page on May 17, the day pubs reopened across the UK.

“Excited to get back into my favourite London local The Toucan Soho for a cold, smooth pint of the black stuff. 

“If you can, get out and support your local pub now that they’re open, they need it guys. Now, where’s the Guinness emoji when you need it?”

“Welcome back, mate!” a masked bartender greets the Irish singer-songwriter upon his arrival as he begins to pull a delightful-looking pint of Guinness.

“Cheers, bud” Horan says before taking a long-awaited gulp of the black stuff. “Oh, lovely,” he says, donning an iconic Guinness mustache.

You can watch Niall Horan’s Guinness ad here:

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Horan, a native of Mullingar in Co Westmeath who rose to global fame as a member of the boyband One Direction, has never shied away from his affinity for a pint of Guinness.

In April 2020, as lockdowns began to take hold around the world, Horan told a fan that the first drink he was going to order upon when the pubs reopened would be a Guinness:

The smoothest , creamiest pint of Guinness . Oh Jesus I can’t wait

— Niall Horan (@NiallOfficial) April 19, 2020

The Toucan, Horan's local Irish pub in his adopted home of London, is currently running a GoFundMe to support its staff after a difficult year.

“This iconic, tiny pub celebrates all things Guinness, adorned with memorabilia from years gone by, with painted Toucans flying around the walls,” the fundraising page says.

“It is famed for pouring one of the best pints of ‘the black stuff’ this side of Dublin and stocking Irish whisky a plenty, even selling the legendary Irish crisps, Tayto. This place has been an integral part of the Soho community since 1995 and is a haven for the Irish community of London.”

It seems that Horan has been a fan of The Toucan for a number of years now, judging by this 'throwback' picture shared on the pub's Instagram on April 2:

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