While the buskers in any city in Ireland are an entertaining and interesting lot, the heart of Galway City, in particular, its main thoroughfare Shop Street, is really something special for anybody who enjoys happening across a great new band or artist as they muse through the shops.

And the magic of Shop St is exactly what this newlywed Irish couple found last week when they were roped into an impromptu wedding dance for the crowds by a group of local buskers.

Kate Divilly and Declan Tannam tied the knot in Galway last Friday and once the church ceremony was over they were taking a stroll through the city, accompanied by their groomsmen and bridesmaids, when their first dance was suddenly hijacked by the lively musicians who saw them pass by.

The couple certainly had a first dance to remember as a large crowd of well-wishers gathered to wish them luck and to join in the celebrations. The couple bounced along to the music before their wedding party also joined the foray.

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The lovely scene was captured on camera from a local shop by Ciara Nungesser and people are going wild for the happy scene.

This is far from the first time that Shop St has shown off its big heart and its love for music, dance and everything in between, however. Just last year, this little toddler touched our hearts with their adorable attempts to copy the steps of a busking dancer, having the time of their life while doing so.

Galway also showed off their Irish dancing skills recently as this group of dancers attempted to win the attention of English singer Ed Sheeran before he shot his latest music video there last month.

And while this video is an incredibly sweet first dance from the lovely Irish couple, their dancing skills leave something to be desired. (We’re sorry!) Maybe they could take a lesson or two from this Irish couple who whipped out a full set dance, céilí band and all, on their wedding day, or from these former Lord of the Dance pros who put on a full show for their wedding guests.  

H/T: Irish Independent