Getting back into the dating game is tough and Lord knows COVID-19 hasn't made things easier! Whether you're a divorcee, a widow, or just starting over we've some top tips for your Irish folks who are in search of the perfect dating website. 

It's been quite the year! Who would have thought that we'd be here? A global pandemic and single! It's a shocker. However, while our world might be rattled there are still great people out there just waiting for you to say hello... virtually. Online dating is where it's at and it's not as daunting as you might think. 

Of course, for anyone who has suffered a broken heart might be a little tentative in putting themselves out there. Online dating, while COVID responsible, seems daunting but it need not be. 

Online dating apps are a wonderful gateway for those who are looking to not only meet someone but also expand their social group and MyIrishDate is a perfect solution. What's so lovely about MyIrishDate is that it's all about being Irish, having a bit of craic, and connecting! Expanding your Irish tribe and hopefully finding your perfect Paddy or Aoife.

This new Irish dating website, MyIrishDate, has done some serious research during the pandemic and they discovered some really lovely things about their online dating community. One, that their values are much the same as you'd expect of folks and, two, they're excited to start experimenting with online connections! 

They asked the Irish community if they had been thinking more about finding a partner since the outbreak of COVID. The answer a whopping 67.9% "Yes".

They also asked what the most important factor for them is when they're considering a connection with a new special someone. Brilliantly, they answered that the most important thing is "meeting someone who I can be myself with" and next someone with "a sense of humor" (eh Irish so, is it?!).

These answers alone give us faith in the online dating community, especially those on MyIrishDate. 

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Of course, logging on and putting yourself out there is still a step into the unknown for many so here's our guide on what to expect:

Log on and be honest

The first thing to do is to create a profile. Of course, us Irish are the worst at this kind of thing. We hate to brag or put ourselves out there.

The best thing to do is be honest, be yourself, and be open to this new experience. 

On MyIrishDate the questions, that help fill out your profile, are witty light-hearted, and full of that Irish craic and banter, that we just love. 

How does it work? 

Once your profile is live you can start to check out who else is on the site and engage with them. We realized for some, who've been out of the game for some time, this might feel entirely alien and strange but don't be put off. 

You're in control online. Don't be afraid to engage, chat, and make friends. This is, as we said, all about expanding your tribe! Of course, you should also be safe also, and we've some tips right here on that. 

Perhaps you'll end up going on a date or maybe you'll end up making a new Irish friend who you'll arrange to meet up with at one of MyIrishDate's planned "in real life" events, once this coronavirus situation has cleared up and it's safe to do so.

Get out there and connect with your tribe

If there are two things that 2020 has taught us it's, one, "what did we do without wi-fi?" and, two, we're all in this together.

Our advice, no matter if you've never tried online dating and a little nervous or you're simply looking to make that Irish connection, log on, be yourself and find your tribe, or that very special someone. 


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