It’s safe to say that the world is a pretty scary place at the moment, but that doesn’t mean that dating online has to be!

In our opinion, dating online is actually safer than dating in person as you have the whole of the Internet at your fingertips to help you suss out whether or not your new match is who they say they are before you decide if you want to chat with or meet the person.

Dating online also provides a comfortable distance as you get to know someone better in the early stages of connecting.

MyIrishDate, a new dating app for Irish and Irish Americans that is currently offering free registration for new users, gives you all the safety tools you need while searching for your perfect Irish match. 

Here are some tips to help you mind yourself as you begin to date online:

Be cautious

Despite having the almighty gift of the gab, the first bit of a conversation between two Irish strangers can sometimes be a bit awkward at times, which is okay! However, if your new match tries any of the following, it should be a major red flag and you should probably report their profile:

  • Asks for financial assistance
  • Asks for suggestive photographs
  • Asks for your personal information (banking info, home address) early on
  • Tries to sell you products or services
  • Sends harassing or offensive messages
  • Attempts to threaten or intimidate you in any way
  • Is a minor

Have a snoop

Alright, so the chat seems to be going mighty. Maybe it’s time to take this match to the next level? Before you agree to a video chat with your new match, have a browse around Google and social media platforms for your match’s name and picture to not only confirm who they say they are, but to get a better sense of them as well!

Have the chats

We all may be a bit sick of virtual hangouts at the moment, but before you skip to meeting in person, a video or phone chat is a great way to not only further confirm who your match says they are, but to see if that magical Irish charm is translates into real life!

If your new match refuses to chat - either on the phone or in a video hangout - it should probably sound the alarm bells for you. 

Meeting in person

The banter between you and your new match during your phone and video chats is flying, and you both think it may be time to meet in person.

For your first few meetups, we strongly recommend choosing a mutually-agreed-upon spot that is public - think a museum, a cafe, a concert, a busy park, or yes, even a pub. 

Avoid accepting a car ride with your match for the first couple of meetups, and make sure some friends or family know where and when you’re going. 

From your initial match online, all the way to the in-person meetup, it's important to remember that if you do not feel comfortable, you can duck out! Trust your gut throughout the whole process - your boundaries should not change just because you've connected with your new match virtually.

Ready to give it a lash? MyIrishDate, the new dating app for Irish and Irish Americans, is currently offering free registration for new users.

MyIrishDate is about creating a clan, a common group of like-minded people. We all love Ireland and the Irish way of living life, and we know that is something special. Something we share. That connects us.