An addiction to Irish sausages has led Englishman David Harding, 47, to seek urgent counseling for his condition.

David Harding bizarre addiction sees him eat up to 13 Irish sausages a day, back in 2011, and often left him desperately searching for more.

He had a freezer full of the sausages and goes into panic mode if the supply runs down. The special brand he craves is called McWhinney’s Irish Sausages.

He said: "I genuinely cannot bear the thought of living without sausages."

"Drug addicts crave their medicine of choice, and it's the same for me - except that my drug is a banger" (slang for sausage),

He realized he was an "addict" last year when his wife Susan had no sausages to serve him and he went berserk.

“The thought of it threw me completely off-track. It was then that I realized something wasn't quite right and sought professional help.”

Psychiatrists have told him that the "addiction'" is not physical.

David said: "Apparently I just like sausages - plain and simple. I don't see that there is anything wrong with that, but I do think that I have to look at ways to control my urges."

McWhinney's Sausages MD, Kevin McWhinney, said: "We are pleased that this gentleman likes our sausages, but wish him well in his quest to control his habit."

 * Originally published in 2011.