Leo Varadkar's letter to Kylie Minogue revealed. 

Ireland's Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Leo Varadkar is catching some flack in Ireland for writing a fan letter to Aussie singer Kylie Minogue on his official stationery last October before she was due in Dublin for a concert.

Leo’s a serious Kylie fanboy – how else to explain his offer to welcome her to Ireland in a letter that was written by him, and by hand.

“Dear Kylie,” Leo wrote on his official letterhead. “Just wanted to drop you a short note in advance of the concert in Dublin. I am really looking forward to it. Am a huge fan! I understand you are staying in the Merrion Hotel which is just across the street from my office in Government Buildings. If you like, I’d love to welcome you to Ireland personally.”

It was signed "Leo V Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister)."

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Leo Varadkar, Kylie Minogue and Varadkar’s partner Dr. Matt Barrett in Dublin last December.

Leo Varadkar, Kylie Minogue and Varadkar’s partner Dr. Matt Barrett in Dublin last December.

The PM had been hell-bent on making sure his love letter to Kylie never saw the light of day, and his office twice refused requests to release the missive under the Freedom of Information Act.  Extra.ie, owned by the Irish Daily Mail, eventually got the goods after Varadkar’s office reluctantly released the letter.

So did Leo and Kylie meet up in Dublin?  Yep, but not last October because a throat infection forced her to postpone her show.  Extra.ie reports that the singer, way more famous in other parts of the world than in the U.S., is believed to have called Leo with the disappointing news, but she rescheduled for December and a backstage meet and greet was arranged.

The Taoiseach and his partner, Dr. Matt Barrett, were accompanied by four of their friends to the show, one of whom posted a pic on Twitter with the caption, “6 gay teenagers meet the girl from Neighbours! @kylieminogue #Dublin.” (Neighbours is the Aussie soap where Kylie first found fame.)

6 gay teenagers meet the girl from Neighbours! @kylieminogue #Dublin pic.twitter.com/duRFrM7nDN

— Tiernan Brady (@Tiernanbrady) December 3, 2018

So, of course, Leo is getting all kinds of ribbing, some of it harmless enough, and some of it OTT.  And he probably doesn’t give a you know what … at least he got his photo!

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