More than 1,200 New Yorkers set a new Guinness world record by creating the largest human shamrock on St. Patrick's Day.

The community of people from Elmira, met in a local park yesterday dressed in green ponchos to make the three-leaf clover shape.

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The event was the culmination of several months planning and the enthusiasm was so great that many people were unable to participate because the organizers ran out of green ponchos!

Each person was given a green poncho and a wristband with a number and entered through the stem on a shamrock outline marked on the field.

They had to stand for five minutes to complete the record which smashed the previous record of 851 people, which was set by students in Ireland.

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The idea for this record-breaking attempt stemmed from a local meteorologist.

"When I brought this idea to them, I didn't see it happening right away but the wheels just got in motion and once everything started it all really just came together, they really like the idea," organizer Anthony Chiavaroli told WENY News.

"It got so many likes and shares on social media, just everyone in this area just really came out and it's just amazing. I'm so impressed by the turnout today. 

"Achieving a world record for many is a once in a lifetime opportunity and one such as this really brought the community together."

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Some members hope it might become a new tradition in the Southern Tier and organizers are hoping they can try to break their own record next year with possibly 2,000 people.

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