In the latest installment of Vanity Fair's slang translation series, handsome star Jamie Dornan offers up token Northern Irish lingo.

By now, we're sure Americans know what "craic" is - but there's still lots of Irish-centric slang that they likely can't get their head around.

Leave it to "Fifty Shades" actor Jamie Dornan, who lifted the lid on some more ambiguous Northern Ireland terms. 

The Holywood, Co. Down native shared the meanings behind phrases like "boys a dear", "buck eejit", and our ultimate favorite - "any more of this and there'll be less of it".

At the end of his tongue-in-cheek tutorial, he added a joking dig at fellow Northern Ireland man Liam Neeson.

"Thank you so much for watching Northern Irish slang with me - Liam Neeson. I hope you all learned something today. I know I did."

Another episode in the viral online series feature Irishman, comedic actor Chris O'Dowd. Test yourself on your knowledge of funny Irish slang in the video below:

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