Rose Schlossberg who looks just like her grandmother gives a lesson in apocalypse survival for girls

Rose Schlossberg, the granddaughter of Jackie Kennedy, launched her comedy web series in March 2016 and the Internet went crazy.

Not over the series but over the uncanny resemblance the 29-year-old has to her grandmother. Schlossberg is the eldest child of Caroline Kennedy, Jackie O and John F Kennedy’s daughter, and her designer husband Edwin Schlossberg.

The budding comedian has her grandmother’s brunette hair, delicate smile, wide-set eyes, and slender frame.

Rose Kennedy Schlossberg bears a striking resemblance to her late grandmother #JackieKennedy. #EndTimesGirlsClub.

— Dr. David Romei (@DavidRomeiPHD) March 17, 2016

While she certainly shares her grandmother’s good looks the iconic glamor and style the Jackie was known for are not readily evident from her onscreen wardrobe where she wears a messy ponytail, t-shirts, and jeans in the series.

The Jackie O look-alike, Rose Schlossberg, a Harvard graduated co-launched a six-episode web series, called “End Times Girls Club,” with her friend Mara Nelson-Greenberg. The series, which was inspired by her time at graduate school at New York University, is a satirical web series teaching women how to survive the apocalypse.

承前)John君の姉 Rose Kennedy Schlossberg(画像右)は祖母ジャクリーン・ケネディ・オナシス(画像左)似の美人だね。『恋のベビーカー大作戦』のシャルロット・ルボンみたいに知的で愛くるしい笑顔が素敵。

— 雨音 / Amané (@RainyRhythm27) October 18, 2013

Speaking to Mashable, the up-and-coming comedian said “It came up as a response to seeing the way that New York responded to Hurricane Sandy, and how people were grossly underprepared — specifically, girls in damsel in distress mode.

“I thought it would be interesting to create this world where girls have to be survivalists without compromising their cute factor.”

In the series Rose and Mara play the roles of Bee and Lara, two vloggers teaching their viewers how to do everything from a “fun new way to start a fire after the apocalypse” to making mascara using nothing but “ashes and plain old auto grease.”

You can watch the series here:

* Originally published in 2016. Updated in November 2022.