Irish lad Jacob, described by his mother as a "funny little old soul," has been racking up hundreds of thousands of views over on TikTok.

"I'm gonna explain about something - St. Patrick's Day," wee Jacob says in the video shared by his mammy Donna on her @keepupwithjacob TikTok account that has so far drawn more than 16.8k likes.

“St. Patrick took all the evil snakes out of Ireland," Jacob explains to his mammy. "They won't come back ever again!"

Pointing to his festive green top, Jacob says: "Do you know clovers is very lucky for St. Patrick's Day?"

With a big smile and enthusiastic thumbs-up, Jacob ends the video by saying: "Mammy, do you know what? I love being Irish."

@keepupwithjacob Jacobs spin on St Patrick’s day! ??☘️♥️ #foryou #Irish #stpatricksday #storytime #stpatricksdayfestival @stpatricksfestival ♬ original sound - Donna Jacobs Mammy ☘️

As it turns out, wee Jacob has got his finger firmly on the pulse of what it means to be Irish. In another viral video chock full of giggles, Jacob lists "things Irish people say" which, of course, includes such hits as...

"Ah, here!"

"Awh stop!"

"Do you know what I mean?"

"Are you for real?"

"Ahh I'm not in the humor"

"Relax the cax"

"Stick the kettle on, will ya!" 

"I swear!"

“Ah sure go on”

"Go on bye"

@keepupwithjacob We had a laugh! comment if you guys can think of any we left out! We can do part 2 ?☘️?? #foryou #irish #funny #happy ♬ original sound - Donna Jacobs Mammy ☘️

If Jacob somehow hasn't won you over just yet, check out this absolutely heartwarming video of him telling his doting mammy that "we are always going to stay together."

"We'll never stop chatting," he says.

@keepupwithjacob Such a mammys boy! Our TikToks are mostly made up of us just havin the chats as Jacob says! ??♥️??☘️ #foryou #fyp #Irish #motherandson ♬ original sound - Donna Jacobs Mammy ☘️
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