The winter solstice of 2017 was devoid of sunlight but Ireland enjoyed Newgrange anyway

This morning’s winter solstice in Newgrange, Ireland, was slightly hampered by the lack of a sunrise with thanks to endless clouds in the completely overcast Irish skies. As today marked the 50th anniversary of the discovery of the ancient light chamber that is illuminated by sunrise in the few days leading up to the solstice, the shortest day of the year, it was the first time that a live stream video event had been made available to the public who could not get their hands on a golden ticket into the ancient burial tomb itself.

With over 30,000 people applying this year and only 60 sets of tickets being awarded, there were certainly many people who made good use of the live stream and even if the light stream didn’t make an appearance, they didn’t let it get them down and only made some great jokes about just how bad the Irish weather is.

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Really want to put my name on that list so that in about 15 years i can get up in the middle of the night, drive for a few hours to stand in a damp field and then see absolutely fuck all when the sun rises on the winter solstice, cos its predictably overcast, as usual. #newgrange

— Eoin O'Leary (@eoleary87) December 21, 2017

A bit Irish ☔☔💧💧#Solstice2017

— Paul Cahill (@polthedaddy) December 21, 2017

Like most Irish people, I will be spending the morning peeping out my letterbox, hoping to replicate the spectacle of #Newgrange at home.

— Allyn H (@Allyn_H_) December 21, 2017

doesnt look like the sun will be making an appearance.. doubt the weather was any different 5000 yrs ago 😂 #Newgrange

— Jackie Martin (@bookofjackart) December 21, 2017

Many thought there was ultimately a massive chance that the weather was going to be a little bit rubbish this morning: 

#Newgrange doesn't look like it's gonna happen this morning 😳but considering #Newgrange will be around for a least another couple of thousand years I'm sure I'll get to see it 🙄jaysus us Irish could build 'suppose we built half the world anyway 😀

— Ciarán Ó Luaín (@Ciaran28121971) December 21, 2017

Another dull morning at #Newgrange. In prehistoric times, that was probably a bad omen and the king was for the chop. Happy #Solstice!

— Ciarán Mc Mahon (@CJAMcMahon) December 21, 2017

What's with all these journalists out in #Newgrange for the #WinterSolstice ? Are you expecting it to not happen this year or something?

— Irish Political GIF (@ROIGIF) December 21, 2017

They're broadcasting the #solstice tomorrow? Sure, there hadn't been any sun for nearly a month now. Hm.. 🤔 #Newgrange

— Michelle Ní (@ndshewonderswhy) December 21, 2017

If you’re disappointed the sun didn’t show at #Newgrange, imagine how the dude who built it felt. #WinterSolstice

— Katie Mythen Lynch (@TheKatieMythen) December 21, 2017

Even those who had thought themselves lucky enough to get a ticket, only to witness nothing, were in good form at Newgrange itself. With drumming circles and plenty of Irish wolfhounds in attendance, it was said to be a great way to follow on the 5,000-year-old tradition, mark the end of winter and the lengthening of the days again.

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#WinterSolstice #Newgrange The sun did not shine, but the light in people's hearts gave us hope for the new year. @misseimeare @SiobhanMcArdle4 @MissAineON @opwireland @TourismIreland @frantonini @droghedaleader

— noel mcardle (@NoelMcardle) December 21, 2017

And the sun rose and the hounds greeted the new day. Kinda. #wintersolstice2017 #NewYear #Newgrange

— Evelyn Lockley (@EvieLockley) December 21, 2017

Well the sun didn't appear at #Newgrange this morning but these lads were definitely the winners! #IrishWolfhounds #Solstice2017

— EleanorNíM (@EleanorNiMhaoil) December 21, 2017

To witness sunrise send its first #wintersolstice rays down the tunnel at #Newgrange must be an awe-inspiring sight.
Today the weather didn’t oblige, yet again.
Still, a moving sight at 9.02am on the very informative live-feed from as winter turns.

— CathalMacCoille (@CMacCoille) December 21, 2017

Magical morning in #newgrange for the #wintersolstice2017 live stream. Here are some of the majestic Irish wolfhounds in attendance. Hope thousands around the world enjoyed watching!

— Catherine O'Mahony (@CatherineMatz) December 21, 2017

Other parts of the country had a little more luck in terms of sunlight:

It may not be #Newgrange, but there was a beautifully intense #wintersolstice sun for a few minutes over Oxmantown Rd this morning. Happy Solstice everyone

— Mary McAuliffe (@MaryMcAuliffe4) December 20, 2017

You can view the full live stream here: 

Did you watch the Newgrange live stream this morning? What did you think? Is Newgrange somewhere you would like to visit?