Belfast girl Lola Brown couldn’t understand how she wasn’t one of the special princesses invited to the Royal wedding.

Many of us were disappointed that we didn't receive an invite to the Royal wedding between Irish American actress Meghan Markle and Prince Harry last Saturday, May 19, but none so much as poor Belfast girl Lola Brown, who couldn’t stop her tears when she discovered that she was not about to head to London to hang out with all the rest of the royals.

In a video posted online by her mother Ashlee, Lola is wracked with grief as her mother explains that she didn’t get an invite to the wedding and so would not be able to go.

“You have to be a real princess to go to the royal wedding,” her mother tells her.

“And am I not a real princess?!” asks a confused Lola, who was very unhappy that she would have to stay at home and watch on the TV like the rest of us.

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The video has already reached over two million views but thankfully, Lola has since come to terms with her disappointment and fully enjoyed the celebrations on the wedding day in Northern Ireland.

“Lola was fine, we had so many invites to attend royal wedding parties throughout Northern Ireland,” Ashlee said.

“She was happy to watch the royal wedding on TV and then went on a fun day.”

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