From center stage to rehearsing with your buddies, Irish dancers must dread taking a tumble, especially if someone is recording you! The Fusion Fighters’ compilation of “Irish Dance Fails of 2015” will make you laugh and wince in equal measure.

The Irish dance community posted it on their Facebook and it’s already racked up 125,506 views. As they said themselves, “this really is epic!!”

And this isn't the only compilation of Irish dance fails.

The 2015 video was posted by Fusion Fighters, a talented dance company who has modernized Irish dance with a mix of dance forms, different music styles, and technology. They post various truly amazing videos online (see below) but Chris Naish, the Creative Director of the Fusion Fighters, says their “Fail Videos” are particularly popular.

He told IrishCentral “I guess because the competition world and show world to a certain extent in Irish dance is so serious so these clips give the kids and adults a small coffee break from that and to be able to laugh at themselves and realize it's ok to not always have to take it so seriously.”

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Here are just the fails from January 2016:

Naish also reassured us that they only used the clips with the dancer’s permission so maybe we don’t need to cringe too much at their “epic” fails. He explained that after some concerns raised in their comment sections he came up with a way of engaging their users and the dancers and having them submit their own dance fails.

“I came up with the video feature section last summer and the 200+ videos have since received a combined 6 million video views on our page and helped us gain almost 20K followers so it's definitely working,” Naish said.

“We ask dancers to use the hashtag #FFVideoFeature on their posts on Instagram and Facebook and to tag our page to get our attention and for the chance to have a solo feature or be a part of one of our monthly compilation videos."

Here's this April's compilation:

These videos are just part of the Irish dance community which Fusion Fighters are building. From “epic fail” videos and their online community to workshops and seminars – the Fusion Fighters have plans, including a week-long festival and dance camp this summer. Their eventual aim is to gather their Irish dance community and create a full scale show by harnessing their talent, by 2017. Watch this space.

Here’s just a small taste of the talent involved – The Fusion Orchestra:


Fusion Fighters compilation of “Irish Dance Fails of 2015” will make you laugh and wince in equal measure.Fusion Fighters