An Irish dancing dog? Now we've heard of everything!

Dogs can learn some pretty remarkable tricks, but did you know Irish dancing is one of them?

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At least that’s the case for Secret, a one-year-old Australian Shepherd dog in Bellingham, Washington.

Secret’s owner, a 15-year-old Irish dancing student named Mary, has been training the sweet pup ever since Secret joined the family at eight weeks old.

Mary decided to practice her footwork with Secret, who’s been getting better and better.

Quite the talented duo!

Check out this amazing video of Secret learning a step here!

Irish dancing dog

This dog has moves ☘️ Video: Fusion Fighters / my_aussie_gal

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H/T to Chris Naish and Fusion Fighters, who works hard to promote Irish dance all over the world. Check out more of their amazing videos here.

Have you ever witnessed an Irish dancing animal? Let us know all about them in the comments section below. 

* Originally published in January 2016. 

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