Did you know that cows could swim? For Joe Doherty, Skipper of the Arranmore Blue Ferry in Co. Donegal, cows swimming is a fairly common sight. 

Last month, Doherty captured a video of a herd of cows fearlessly making the 650-foot swim from Inishcoo Island to Duck Island off the coast of Burtonport.

He assured the Donegal Daily that the cows knew exactly what they were doing. 

“They’ve been doing it a few times this week, and they’re very smart animals. They wait for slack water so there’s no strong current," he said, though he added that he did have to "avoid them, and they’re a danger to navigate around." 

You can check out his video here, and here's an earlier video of the same phenomenon, where you can see the cows safely arriving on the beach - another surreal site in itself. 

H/T Donegal Daily