Jeremy Roenick tried to pick up a few steps from a pro Irish dancer

Jeremy 'J.R.' Roenick, former NHL star turned commentator, stopped by an Irish dance school to pick up a few steps in preparation for the NHL Winter Classic.

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Roenick visited the Lynn O’Grady Quinlan Academy in Easton, Pennsylvania last month.

"I'm going to the Winter Classic," says an excited Roenick, "and I want to bring some pizzazz to the game!"

The Irish dance school, which holds classes across New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut, teaches Irish dancers who are at the top of their level competitively.

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Roenick was treated to a private lesson from Maureen Collins, who holds both her Irish dance teaching certification (TCRG) and adjudicating certification (ADCRG).

While Roenick was certainly enthusiastic about his lesson, Collins was less-so about his incessant ‘jazz hands.’

Take a look at the video from NBC Sports here!

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