The first inflatable pub has been launched in Ireland, with customers already booking it out for Good Friday.

Caitriona Mulhern, a former drinks industry representative, commissioned the two inflatable bars - The Pub and The Barrel - from a specialist company in the UK.

"I've been on the road for Heineken for the past 12 years and with two young children it was getting harder and harder," the 40-year-old told the Irish Independent.

"I came up with this idea and it's already attracting interest all over Ireland and in New York and Dubai."

Mulhern has had so many expressions of interest in her inflatable pubs that she has already ordered three more of the pop-up bars.

"One customer wanted it flown to Dubai this week, but we couldn't get it over in time. Drinks laws there mean you can drink at home and this fits perfectly into that.

"It's a bit of fun and people seem to like the idea. I have weekend bookings already through until December so that's why I have commissioned three more to meet the demand.

"I have a booking from a retirement home who want to have it for an afternoon and book a traditional music group to play."

Each inflatable pub comes with counters, a fake fire, and an inflatable stuffed salmon above the plastic mantelpiece.

Mulhern says the pop-up pub is not a threat to traditional pubs because the pubs are booking the inflatable versions too.

Last week the pop-up pub made its first appearance at the back of a 19th century pub in Milford, County Donegal.

Travellers Inn owner Michael McBride told the Irish Independent "It gives us a fun addition on busy weekends and for festivals. I know people will order this for their homes but it's also fun at a real pub too."

Local man Donna Cushnahan “It's a great idea. It would be great to have a few friends around of an evening for a bit of craic and you can decide when you want to call last orders."

One of the pop-up pubs will be open this Good Friday in Oranmore, County Galway and the other in Dunfanaghy, County Donegal.