Irish people are famous or infamous for giving directions, especially when the road signs leave a lot to be desired.

Here are eight beauties of direction giving we have come across:

Driver: Can you tell me the road to Connemara?

Local: Ah sure, no need, everyone knows the road to Connemara.

Driver: How do I find Murphy’s house?

Local: Do you see that house up there, the second one on the hill with the high chimney and the children outside playing and the woman hanging out the washing?

Driver: I do.

Local: Well it’s not that one but if you pass by it about a mile beyond turn left you’ll likely find it.

Driver: Can you show me the road to Killarney?

Local: Well if I was you I wouldn’t start from here anyways.

Driver: Can you tell me where O’Shea’s House is?

Local: Well you’re on the right road but if you pass the graveyard you’ve gone too far.

Driver: I need to get to Jim O’Brien’s house, by the rectory.

Local: Well take you first left, right? Then take the second right and bear to your left. It’s right in front of you on the left.

Driver: Do you know the way to Killarney from here?

Local: I do... (keeps walking)

Driver: Excuse me do you know the way to the football field.

Local: I do and I don’t.

Driver: Err? What do you mean?

Local: I only know the old way before they dug it up for the motorway, shure I get lost myself now.

Driver: Can you tell me the way to Cork from here?

Local: Ah, sure if I was you I wouldn’t bother going you are miles away.

A few years ago the Irish comedy trio, Foil, Arm & Hogs, hit the nail on the head with this video:

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