Summertime in the US brings with it an influx of Irish J-1 students looking forward to spending a few sunny months of adventure away from home.

For some, part of the all-American experience is much concerned with finding themselves a summer romance but, unfortunately, whoever decided the Irish have a way with words never witnessed a young, Irish, straight male attempting to talk to a woman – a cringeful, embarrassing experience to witness, only heightened in awkwardness if the woman happens to be of a different nationality.

Sporting their best GAA shirts and most flowery long shorts, these young chancers will be found in many US cities this summer doing their utmost to get “the ride,” or at least “the shift” and more often than not just confusing whatever young lady they’ve set their sights on for a minute or two before she swiftly moves along.

There are only so many times an Irish accent will save you as this spot-on skit from comedians Foil, Arms and Hog will show you. Between the different vocabulary, the white lies and the boasts of playing for a team this girl has probably never heard of, we hope Irish lads in the US this summer take heed and avoid the same pitfalls as this poor chap.

Maybe they should take a glance at our top Irish pick-up lines!

And in case you missed it, the lads from Foil, Arms and Hog also put together another great skit recently on the confusion between Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, Great Britain and the UK, and the trouble this is causing after Brexit.