A Dublin bouncer knocks out gatecrashers with a punch as he defends himself from a fight 

An Irish bouncer is receiving commendations from around the world for the manner in which he quickly took care of two gatecrashers who were unhappy that they were not allowed into a bar.

The bouncer is seen in the video defending himself as he took on a group of men who became violent when he deemed they were unfit to enter the premises. One man was knocked out cold on a Dublin street with his punch.

The video is of an incident that took place on July 23, 2016, outside the Woolshed Baa & Grill, which is just off O’Connell Street. It was posted online and quickly spread as the public argued over the rights and wrongs of the bouncer's actions and whether he used the correct amount of force to dispense with the troublemakers.

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As can be seen in the video the bouncer, who is thought to be an employee of a security agency, is approached by one man whom he holds back from the door. As the man grows angrier he throws a flailing punch at the bouncer. The doorman calls for backup and then stands his ground as the man and his accomplice return to attempt to land further blows.

They try in vain, however. Despite being outnumbered two-to-one, the bouncer lands shots right in the faces of the two miscreants, leaving one out cold on the pavement. The second refuses to admit complete defeat and resorts to spitting at the bouncer from a safer distance. As the man on the ground is helped up by another friend, somebody can be heard commenting, “his head is open.”

The Woolshed is unable to comment on the incident as a Garda (Irish police) investigation is underway. A spokesperson from the Garda press office confirmed, "Gardaí are aware of this incident and would encourage the public to report any such incidents to their local Garda station."

It took just hours before others were creating parodies of the original video, including this version entitled “Ozzy Man Reviews” in which an Australian man provides commentary over the violent scenes. The parody video has already clocked up over a million views.

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Do you think the bouncer was justified in his actions or did he take it a step too far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

*Originally published in 2016.