A video circulating online of an extremely violent altercation between three women and a bouncer is sparking outrage in the Belfast community. 

Last week, onlookers captured footage of a horrifying fight between three women and a bouncer outside of Kelly's Cellar in Belfast's city center. 

The incident reportedly took place shortly before 10 pm on Saturday night. Allegedly, one of the women had been kicking the bouncer before he knocked her over, shoving her to the ground. 

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Two of her friends then began attacking the bouncer, and he repeated the same actions with them, and with their friend another time. 

The violent interaction continued for some time and was recorded by multiple sources. Please note that the footage is quite disturbing and includes violent imagery and language

And here is a longer version, captured from another angle. 

Last night in Belfast, pushed by the bouncer or did she fall over? 👍🏼 = Fell over 😡 = Pushed by the bouncers

Posted by Belfast Nightscene on Sunday, April 15, 2018

Belfast police were called to the scene, where the three women were arrested and taken for questioning. They were released on bail and an investigation is ongoing. It has not been confirmed whether the bouncer is also being investigated. 

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