#DogsAtPollingStations has added an extra dose of cuteness to Irish people's social media feeds today

People are heading to the polls today in Ireland to have their say on both the next president, as well as blasphemy being kept as an offense in the constitution.

While voter turnout is expected to be low today, many people who did go to the polls brought along their very, very good dogs.

#dogsatpollingstations is trending today in Ireland - have a look below and let these very responsible civic K9s to brighten your Friday!

First up is noted dog-lover and current Irish president Michael D. Higgins:

The #dogsatpollingstations tweets are the best of the day! Have you brought your dog to vote yet? #aras18 #MichaelDForPresident https://t.co/mF18Rh7kZ3

— Michael D Higgins (@MichaelDHiggins) October 26, 2018

Even Higgins beloved dogs Brod and Shadow joined in on the fun:

OMG! You get to vote today! We’re dogs, we can’t vote so you have to vote #MichaelDforPresident and #KeepThePoet for us today #Aras18 pic.twitter.com/qjEajF6TCF

— Bród and Síoda (@BrodHiggins) October 26, 2018

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Below are some of the civilian pups who tagged along for the fun of voting:

#dogsatpollingstations #sligo chapter #aras18 #MichaelDforPresident #IVoted pic.twitter.com/kWz1B6De2R

— Annie West (@anniewestdotcom) October 26, 2018

Pugs for blasphemy!#dogsatpollingstations pic.twitter.com/uOrJFMPbaZ

— SQN Education (@sqneducation) October 26, 2018

Buffy says make sure you get out to vote today!#dogsatpollingstations pic.twitter.com/RmPBklPoQB

— Siobhan Quill (@Yokeups) October 26, 2018

Daisy out in support for Michael D today!#DogsForMichaelD #MichaelDforPresident #KeepThePoet #dogsatpollingstations pic.twitter.com/hBj6tNSJ7F

— Peter Harpur (@PeteHarpur) October 26, 2018

Rufus keeping sketch while I make sure #seangallagher & #petercasey etc, stay out of aras an uachtarain#dogsatpollingstations #pawlitics pic.twitter.com/PthLa3Itvj

— michael smyth (@wheresgrandad) October 26, 2018

Ringo just helped his human cast her vote for Michael D! #dogsatpollingstations #aras18 pic.twitter.com/bz9sE1rRYp

— Sarah Clarkin (@SarahClarkin) October 26, 2018

Ted voted #dogsatpollingstations pic.twitter.com/lTCwusK8Mv

— Judith Emerson (@PebblesEmerson) October 26, 2018

Diesel says that in these uncertain times we need more doggy biscuits. #dogsatpollingstations pic.twitter.com/h0H40rSE8Y

— JoeLaff (@SilentFugitive) October 26, 2018

First job of the day before work, to vote! #dogsatpollingstations, on a day where it’s revealed local councils are cutting corners where it comes to care of the elderly. pic.twitter.com/2M0c5JiQY8

— Roundabout Drama (@roundaboutdrama) October 25, 2018

Very eager to do his duty #dogsatpollingstations @DogsForMichaelD #aras18 #keepthepoet pic.twitter.com/fngb87gIsQ

— Eimear Cregg (@Creggie82) October 26, 2018

Job done, Oscar made sure of another No1 for Michael D.#dogsatpollingstations #KeepThePoet #MichaelDforPresident #Dogs4MichaelD pic.twitter.com/hyNDEerjHa

— Kevin Humphreys (@KHumphreysDBS) October 26, 2018

#dogsatpollingstations my little Neddy driving me 💙 pic.twitter.com/mXKZYYP7Di

— AmyBridgett (@AmyBridgett) October 26, 2018

Mo wants another 7 years of @MichaelDHiggins . #dogsatpollingstations pic.twitter.com/hftivFAr3w

— Catherine (@Catherine_JFT96) October 26, 2018

#dogsatpollingstations #aras #voted George with his Michael D head on him voting in Leixlip x @MichaelDHiggins pic.twitter.com/RHEiMeJ6Ez

— Judith Finlay (@Sprocketburp) October 26, 2018