Some might call it morbid, some might say it's disrespectful but this Dublin granddad got his whole funeral party laughing and crying around his grave. What a prank! 

Dublin granddad Shay Bradley pulled off the most amazing practical joke at his own funeral, reaching out and shocking his grieving guests. As his coffin is lowered into the ground a voice is heard saying "hello"! The viral video will make you laugh and bring a tear to your eye. 

The amazing "funeral prank" went viral and now the man behind the mad act has been revealed by his daughter, Andrea. Shay Bradley, a veteran, and father of four, from Kilnamanagh and late of Walkinstown, in Dublin, has had his message from beyond the grave played around the world.

My dad's dieing wish, always the pranksters, ya got them good Poppabear  and gave us all a laugh just when we needed it!! I will love you forever #shayslastlaugh

Publiée par Andrea Bradley sur Dimanche 13 octobre 2019

At the start a "hello" can be heard while ferocious knocking comes from the coffin, already lowered into the ground and covered with single roses. Then Shay begins to roar "let me out" from a pre-recorded message being played through a speaker.

Soon the congregation's tears turn to laughter as he can be heard saying "it's dark in here".

He continues "Where the f*** am I? Let me out, let me out. It’s f - ing dark in here. Is that the priest I can hear. This is Shay I’m in the box. No in f***ing front of you. I’m dead."

He ends his message by serenading the crowd singing "Hello again hello, hello I just called to say goodbye."

Shay Bradley.

Shay Bradley.

On Twitter, his daughter wrote "It was his dying wish that we played this at his funeral. What a man, to make us all laugh when we were incredibly sad. He was some man for one man. Love you forever Poppabear."

Shay,  who passed on Oct 8, is survived by his loving wife Anne and children Jonathan, Susanne, James and Andrea. Shay is sadly missed by his heartbroken family, son-in-law, daughters-in-law, his eight grandchildren, brothers, sisters, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, nieces, nephews, extended family, and friends.

What do you think of Bradley's prank? Do you know someone who would love to pull this off? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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