It is the bromance to beat the band!

Tombecks, or Tom Cruise and David Beckham, were recently spotted drinking Guinness and sharing a bottle of wine at the London Irish pub The Cow in Notting Hill. The pub is owned by Irish firm Tom Conran's.

Most stars would meet behind locked gates and closed doors but not these two.

Beckham is 39 and Cruise is 51, but it may have been Irish American Cruise who needed the advice — his recent movies have bombed.

Or maybe Cruise was commiserating with the former England captain about the team’s miserable exit from the World Cup.

The two have been close since Beckham played with the LA Galaxy and regularly dined with Tom in Los Angeles. Their families also had regular movie nights.

Beckham told Sunday Times magazine: 'When we were living in LA, Tom Cruise lived two minutes away. He's a good friend. There were occasions when I'd call him up and ask him if he had a new movie that wasn't out yet, and I'd go round and watch it with him.'

Patron Lisa Freid snapped a picture for her Instagram account using the hashtags "#wtf #justnexttous #chilling #monday”

Another Instagram user wrote : "Another Monday night at the pub with David and Tom."