Irish Olympic athlete Rhys McClenaghan has gone viral after posting a video on Twitter proving that the cardboard beds in the Olympic Village are not "anti-sex". 

McClenaghan, a gymnast from Co Down, shared a video on his Twitter account about the "anti-sex bed" that has since racked up more than 36k likes and 3 million views.

In the video, McClenaghan says: "In today's episode of fake news at the Olympic Games - the beds are meant to be anti-sex.

"They're made out of cardboard, yes, but apparently they're meant to break at any sudden movements."

McClenaghan starts furiously jumping on the cardboard bed to prove "it's fake, fake news!"

“Anti-sex” beds at the Olympics

— Rhys Mcclenaghan (@McClenaghanRhys) July 18, 2021

The official Olympics Twitter account thanked McClenaghan for "debunking the myth."

"You heard it first from Team Ireland gymnast Rhys McClenaghan - the sustainable cardboard beds are sturdy," the Olympics account said. 

Thanks for debunking the myth.😂You heard it first from @TeamIreland gymnast @McClenaghanRhys - the sustainable cardboard beds are sturdy! #Tokyo2020

— Olympics (@Olympics) July 19, 2021

Officials in Tokyo have prioritized sustainable measures for this year's Olympic Games, including renewable energy, medals made from recycled consumer devices, and bed frames made out of recycled cardboard. 

Some athletes have hinted that there is an ulterior motive for the cardboard bedframes, with some speculating that the beds will collapse under the weight of more than one person in a bid to encourage social distancing. 

The rescheduled Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games are set to begin in three days time on Friday, July 23 amid uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. 

Ireland has sent its biggest ever team to the games, with 116 athletes set to represent Team Ireland over the next two weeks. 

On Tuesday, Team Ireland announced that boxers Brendan Irvine and Kellie Harrington will carry Ireland's flag in the opening ceremonies this Friday, July 23. 


Boxers Brendan Irvine and Kellie Harrington selected to carry the flag for #TeamIreland in the #Tokyo2020 opening ceremony 🇮🇪

In a big move towards gender parity, nations can select a male and female flagbearer!!

— Team Ireland (@TeamIreland) July 20, 2021