This is a perfect Christmas gift for those who wish to share that common Irish bond with a loved one.

The Christmas tree is synonymous with the holiday season a symbol of rebirth and the triumph of life over death during the winter months. This Christmas why not celebrate your Irish ancestors or love of Ireland with another kind of tree, an Irish Heritage Tree?

The Irish Heritage Tree program is the ideal way to honor your family, friends, and Irish ancestry while joining IrishCentral in our commitment to keep Ireland green and growing.

Your tree will be planted in our rural farmland situated near Drimoleague in the heart of West Cork, which is owned by farmer Tim Daly.

His farm is a passion project focused on nature and creativity, with rewilding and regenerating the land being of the highest priority, and is surrounded by landscapes of immense natural beauty. 

We're proud to say that as of last year, our original forest in Co Tipperary has now planted 3,500 native trees. The area has ties to St. Patrick, with legend claiming that Ireland's patron saint lost his tooth in the nearby River Fadaghta, which flows through the forest. 

The Irish Heritage Tree program promises to commemorate the spirit of a loved one, a blessed occasion, a family name, or a proud organization. It is the ideal Christmas present, unique and personal, bursting alive in Irish soil, promising to bring smiles and tears, touching Irish hearts worldwide.

Throughout the year, an Irish Heritage Tree is an ideal gift for weddings and anniversaries, birthdays and graduations, newborns, christenings, Mother's Day, and Father's Day. Family groves are also available at special discounted rates.

In 2020 when the Irish Heritage Tree was launched, Liam Neeson announced that he would be the first to plant a grove of trees in his departed loved one's names. The Neeson Grove was planted in honor of his late wife, Natasha, his parents Katherine and Bernard, and his nephew, Ronan, who died tragically young.

The Irish Heritage Tree is a gift that will continue to bring such joy, knowing from this day on, Ireland's greenery is part of your legacy. 

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