IrishCentral readers voted in the vast majority for Celtic Thunder as their favorite Irish musician or group!

Celtic Thunder has been voted as your favorite Irish musician or group with an overwhelming majority of the vote. Bringing in almost 70%, the Irish group was clear winners, with 773 votes cast for them. 

In second place was Byrne and Kelly, who will be playing in Kansas City Irish Fest this weekend. 

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In third and fourth place were The Cranberries and U2 respectively, while Celtic Woman rounded out the top five. 

The High Kings, the Dubliners, the Clancy Brothers, and the Saw Doctors also featured high on the list but none could compare to the fans of Celtic Thunder. 

In total, 1,115 IrishCentral readers cast a vote. 

You can see the full top ten here: 

Image: Survey Monkey.

Image: Survey Monkey.

And here's a playlist of your top ten: 

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