Now you can chat about skeletons, werewolves, ghosts and banshees in the Irish native tongue.

There's no better way to impress a crowd than with your Irish language skills, and as we get ever closer to the spookiest day of days, you can start showing off. Halloween is, after all, a Celtic holiday.

With great help from those at Irish Culture and Customs, we put together a list of 30 Halloween words in Irish, along with their pronunciations.

So now you can finally call your friend a Hobgoblin in Irish, you can tell your Irish gran to watch out for that ghostly, sinister, supernatural werewolf, or teach your trick or treaters the Gaelic spin on their favorite door-to-door greeting.

Trick or Treat: Cleas nó cóir (class noh koh-ir)

Witch/Witch's Broomstick: Cailleach/scuab chaillí (kyle-yeukh/scoob khyle-ee)

Bat: Sciathán leathair (shkee-hawn lah-hear)

Sinister: Drochtuarach (druk-tour-ukh)

Scare/Scared: Scanradh/scanraithe (skahn-rah/skahn-rah-heh)

Ghost: Púca or taibhse (pookah or tie-v-sheh)

Hobgoblin: Bobodha (bub-owe-ah)

Costume: Culaith (kul-ah)

Turnip: Tornapa (tur-nah-pah)

Pumpkin: Puimcín (pim-keen)

Ghostly/spooky: Taibhsiúil (tyev-shool)

Banshee: Bean sí (ban-shee)

Scream/shriek: scréach (shkraykh)

Moon: Gealach (gi-ahl-ukh)

Shadow: scáth or scáil (skaw or skaw-il)

Tomb: Tuama (toa-mah)

Graveyard: Reilg (rell-ig)

Coffin: Cónra (kohn-rah)

Skeleton: Creatlach (krat-lukh)

Spirit: Anam (ah-nahm)

Monster: Ollphéist (ull-faysht)

Nightmare: Tromluí (trum-lee)

Vampire: Deamhan fola (jow-an fulah)

Blood: Fuil (fwill)

Werewolf: Coinríocht (kon-ree-ukt)

Devil/Demon: Diabhal (jowl)

Death: bás (baws)

Terror/Terrifying: Uafás/uafásach (oo-faws/oo-faws-ukh)

Spider/spiderweb: Damhán/damhán alla (dow-awn/dow-an ah-lah)

Supernatural: Osnádúrtha (uss-naw-duur-hah)

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*Originally published in 2014

Now you can chat about skeletons, werewolves, ghosts and banshees in the native tongue.iStock