‘Hi-diddly-dee’ they’re after me lucky charms! Despite sounding Irish, the iconic leprechaun behind Lucky Charms is not as Irish as Americans might think.

This “magically delicious” cereal has been highly successful stateside since its creation in 1963, with Lucky the Leprechaun at the helm, but the voice behind him is not Irish at all.

Arthur Anderson had given the voice for Lucky for over 29 years, but has also had roles in Law & Order and the Cartoon Network show, Courage the Cowardly Dog.

“People have expectations. I just have an Irish-sounding name,” Anderson once told ABC News.

“It was a fun character to play. Hardly a day goes by when somebody doesn’t ask me to sing the Lucky Charms jingle, and I’m proud of that.”

Anderson was born in Staten Island, New York, in 1922 to an English father and Danish mother, but managed to fool generations of Americans that he must have been the most Irish one could possibly be.

“People have expectations… I just have an Irish-sounding name,” Anderson went on to say.

He first started using his Irish accent on the radio in the 1940s series, “Let’s Pretend”, but only achieved national recognition after a success audition with General Mills in 1963.

Why is Lucky Charms making a comeback? The Daily Meal digs deep with the help of a familiar name:https://t.co/AoU21fqAM9

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As for the cereal brand itself, it is the fastest-growing General Mills cereal, having increased sales by 20 percent in the past year.

General Mills spokesman Mike Siemienas explained, “People are loving the marshmallows,” despite an increasing trend of people flocking to healthier options for breakfast.

Although sugary cereals are, in general, in rapid decline, it must be said that Lucky Charms has truly had the ‘Luck of the Irish’.

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