The Irish International Business Network (IIBN), in association with Co-Operation Ireland, will host the second part in the series “My Career Journey,” with guest speakers Liam Lynch, Barry O’Neill and Professor John Almandoz. The theme at the New York event will be Start-ups and Venture Capital.

All ticket sales and proceeds from the event will go towards 2016 the UN International Day of Peace, which will see up to 5,000 young people come together at the Eikon Exhibition Centre, formerly the Maze/Long Kesh prison, in County Antrim, and at a number of satellite venues across Northern Ireland.

IIBN is a global, not for profit organization which brings together the cream of Irish business men and women. The objective of IIBN is to facilitate greater communication and connectivity between successful Irish business people all over the world with a view to identifying and exploiting opportunities.

Co-Operation Ireland is an all-island peace-building charity, they work to encourage and promote dialogue and collaboration within Northern Ireland and between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The organization’s vision is to maintain a peaceful and stable island where people of all backgrounds live and work together for a better future.

“The IIBN are delighted to partner with Co-Operation Ireland after the success of our event in November last year,” said Kevin Elliott, Chair of the IIBN Future Leaders Board.

“It was particularly satisfying to see the direct impact of the funds that we raised here in New York had on young people in Northern Ireland, and I must credit Co-Operation Ireland for the level of accountability in clearly highlighting where all the proceeds where invested. I believe that partnership is even more aligned this year due to the parallels between our aim of assisting young professionals develop their professional network through the ‘career journey’ series and Co-Operation Ireland’s focus on youth leadership development programs.”

Jim Clerkin, CEO Moet Hennessy and Chairman of Co-operation Ireland USA said "As a consequence of the great work carried out by Senator George Mitchell in support of the US, the British and the Irish governments, Northern Ireland now enjoys peace, albeit a fragile one. It is critically important that those of us who live in America do whatever we can to sustain this peace by supporting reconciliation programs.

“Co-operation Ireland has several initiatives which promote a lasting peace and reconciliation on the Island of Ireland. One of these is the Youth Leadership Program which aims to engage young people in cross community activities working together. Please consider how you might support these programs and remember no donation is too small."

The IIBN event, in New York on August 24 (see details below) will take the form of a moderated panel discussion hosted in the offices of Moet Hennessy.

Liam Lynch, is an investor and entrepreneur who has been involved in over 22 private companies and mentored countless others. His focus is on growth companies in areas such as media and entertainment, health, transportation and artificial intelligence (AI). Liam serves on the board of Co-operation Ireland USA and recently invested in

Barry O’Neill, is the Dublin-based CEO of StoryToys. He is a leading global publisher of mobile gaming and learning content for children. He is a Director at Other Ventures, a business development advisory and finance firm primarily focused on digital entertainment and media. Prior to StoryToys, Barry was a “Mobile 1.0” pioneer, having headed up Bandai Namco’s European mobile business and co-founded mobile games publisher Upstart Games.

Professor John Almandoz is an assistant professor in the department of Managing People in Organizations at IESE, the graduate business school of the University of Navarra. His background includes experience in actuarial consulting, corporate banking, and the management of non-profit organizations. He earned a joint Ph.D. in organizational behavior and a masters degree in sociology from Harvard Business School/Harvard University and an MBA at the Cox School of Business.

Here's the details of the event:

Date: August 24, 6.30pm - 8.30pm

Venue: Moet Hennessy USA, 85 10th Ave #2, New York, NY 10011

To register for the event click here.