Are you planning a vacation to Ireland this year? Did you know that we have a sister travel company called Irish Studio Travel who can help you no matter your budget?

Yes, IrishCentral is expanding. With Irish Studio Travel you can now book your entire vacation with us, which means we do all the hard work. Or you can browse our curated collection of tours and let us help you get the most out of your already organized vacation. It's your Ireland, your way, we're just here to help. 

We have trips to all of Ireland's main attractions, as well as some smaller, off-the-beaten-track style trips, that will appeal to those who have visited before and are looking for something a little different. 

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We're experts on all things Ireland, and are constantly trying to make your trip better, so we share personal recommendations and hidden hotspots with our clients. All at no extra cost. Want to know where the locals go for the best pint of Guinness? Let us tell you! 

Where does Irish Studio Travel visit?

Everywhere! We have tours to Galway, Kerry, Belfast, Wicklow, Dublin and everywhere in between. We also offer golf tours, foodie tours and historic tours. Or, if genealogy is your thing, we can organize that too. Alternatively, if you want a mix of everything, our bespoke tour offerings are there to organize your dream trip. 

What makes Irish Studio Travel different? 

Irish Studio Travel is committed to ensuring our clients get the best from their trip. We work with you to make booking, traveling and organizing as easy as possible. While the fact that the Irish Studio Travel offices are split between Dublin and New York means you get round the clock service, as well as the personal recommendations and advice of our on the ground team.

Is it safe to book to share my details?

Absolutely. Our secure booking system means your details are 100% secure and your details are never passed on. 

So what are you waiting for?

Are you hoping or planning to travel to Ireland this year? Join with other travelers, adventurers and lovers of Ireland in our dedicated travel group, where you can find top tips, great recommendations, and air out any of your concerns and questions.