Touring Ireland should be a special experience, unique to you and your interests. Walter’s Way Tour offers customized Irish tours - an experience you’ll never forget.

Feel Irish as you explore the natural coastal and countryside scenery, old castles and monasteries, quiet villages, bustling towns and cities.

Enjoy traditional music and dance. Join in conversations about life in old Ireland to the present day.  Savor all the local dishes and drafts as you mingle and engage with the locals.

A Walter’s Way Tour is special, with pre-vacation communication as to what you like to experience -  Historical sites, whale watching, Guinness Storehouse, Cliffs of Moher, Giants Causeway, remote gems, filming locations, golfing, surfing, or maybe you have a fascination for lighthouses, farming, or beautiful gardens.

Guided by Walter, on a small luxury coach, come and enjoy all Ireland has to offer.

Two week and one week tours every month from April to September, or special customized tours for groups.

You can tell them when suits you best. Email, follow Walter’s Way Tours on Facebook, and visit  for lots more information and photographs of Ireland.

Recommended by Alison Sieg, from Indiana, USA

“I thoroughly enjoyed my 2 week tour with Walter’s Way Tours! There were 10 of us on the tour, and he took the time to understand each of our interests and incorporate them in the tour. We saw many lovely sights that other tours would not have been able to take us on. If you book a tour with Walter’s Way Tours you’ll be getting the best experiences around Ireland! He was very flexible with whatever we wanted to do, and he was well organized. He is so knowledgeable and easy to get along with! I definitely had one of the best experiences of my life through Walter’s Way Tours!”

About the Tour Guide Walter Ryan-Purcell, behind Walter’s Way Tours:

An author, travel writer, food blogger, intermittent political writer, and writer of books covering local history, archaeology, architecture, people, crafts, food, restaurants, shops, pubs, places to stay, attractions, activities, arts, festivals etc. ...but always  centered around the people who live and have lived there, over the centuries to the present day.

Walter Ryan-Purcell  wrote ‘Walter’s Way Kinsale’ which is available with free worldwide postage from

Having spent 30 years in industry which involved bringing a large industrial composting company from North Carolina to set up in Ireland, building five factories, ten years in renewable energy, and ten years in food production distribution and marketing; Walter Ryan Purcell is a graduate in Agricultural Science from University College Dublin, and won a scholarship to Boston College in 1990 to study management and marketing, sponsored by The International Fund for Ireland.

“Enough of business!  I want to spend the next thirty years writing and showing lovely visitors around this beautiful little island of Ireland, not just to see the scenery but to understand its history, its culture and heritage, and most of all to introduce them to the lifeblood of its land, the people”

Walter’s Way Tours