An amazing website launched in 2015 features 3D models of iconic monuments, heritage sites, and buildings from Ireland.

Over 130 monuments and buildings were scanned and brought together at

The site offers 3D images as well as a range of other media (images, texts, and videos) showcasing important sites such as Bru Na Boinne, Newgrange, Skellig Michael, Glendalough, and the Hill of Tara.

The website is part of the '3D-Icons' project, an EU initiative that aims to create highly accurate 3D models of internationally important monuments and buildings across Europe and to provide access to the data online.

The data is expected to be of benefit to the education, tourism, and conservation sectors, RTE reports.

The Discovery Programme carried out Ireland’s contribution to the project.

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Former Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht Heather Humphreys said the site would be a useful resource for the education sector and would make it easier for people to explore heritage sites.

"The technology is so effective it makes it easier to view engravings and other features, which might not otherwise be visible."

She added the project would also offer benefits to the tourism sector by promoting Ireland’s "incredible heritage assets.”

Check out some of the stunning renderings below. 

* Originally published in 2015.