Hug a donkey, house a donkey or just visit the wonderful noisy animals in County Cork. You'll hear them before you see them!

Liscarroll is a bit of a drive from Cork. It’s a beautiful rural Irish village. And it’s heaven on earth for donkeys. That’s where you’ll find The Donkey Sanctuary. And get this, you can hear them before you see them.

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Two talkative donkeys at The Donkey Sanctuary

Two talkative donkeys at The Donkey Sanctuary

That is also where you’ll meet Roma, Julie Anne, Lorcan and more than a hundred other donkeys living out their days. Here, they are fed and sheltered. They enjoy a peaceful life where they’re valued. They thrive on hugs from all those who visit. And every one of them has a story. Like Bocelli, who was born here, blind; Lorcan who was abused and Roma who was rescued from a bog.  

Hear the donkeys talking and their back stories here

Donkeys were phased out as tractors revolutionized the world of agriculture in Ireland and many were turned out to fend for themselves. The Donkey Sanctuary takes them all in, no matter their background. In fact, they have four farms around Ireland for housing donkeys. But the one in Liscarroll is the one set up for visitors.

And if hugging them isn’t quite enough for you, you can adopt them. If you have enough land, you can house them yourself. Or, by paying to help fund the care of the donkey of your choice for a year, you get information on them sent as updates and the satisfaction of knowing you’ve helped. Plus you can visit them anytime you are in the neighborhood.

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