EPIC The Irish Emigration are launching the digital exhibition “Across the Waves: The Seafaring Irish” as part of the St. Patrick’s Festival. The exhibition will run until April 12

EPIC The Irish Emigration newest exhibition “Across the Waves: The Seafaring Irish” explores Ireland’s rich maritime history through global stories of adventure, tragedy, and opportunity.

Have you ever wondered what life was like aboard a ship for nineteenth-century emigrants or how 17th-century Irish merchants began their trading in wine, salt, and wool? This new exhibition will explore the history of the Irish at sea and their stories of adventure, opportunity, and tragedy.

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Epic, The Irish Emigration Museum has a fascinating program of events taking place throughout the weekend inspired by the theme of Storytelling, including ‘Across the Waves: The Seafaring Irish’, a panel discussion with History Ireland Hedge School, family craft and interactive story workshops with award-winning writer, Sarah Webb, and a songs, stories and performance event entitled Gnás: ‘Thousand Are Sailing’ which explores the theme of emigration which runs through the Irish folk arts.

Some of the Irish people featured in ‘Across the Waves’ include:

- Cork-born pirate of the Caribbean Anne Bonny

- The 4,114 teenage ‘Earl Grey orphans’ sent to Australia during the Great Famine

- William Hobson, pirate-hunter and first governor of New Zealand

- Admiral Brown, founder of the Argentinian navy

- Antarctic explorer Tom Crean

- John Philip Holland, inventor of the submarine

- Participants in the infamous Arctic Convoys of World War II.

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Dr. Angela Byrne, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Historian-in-Residence at EPIC and curator of ‘Across the Waves’, says: “This is an important celebration of Ireland’s maritime history. I’m delighted to bring these stories to Irish and international audiences, as they demonstrate the diversity of experiences within the global Irish diaspora over the centuries.”

For more information on EPIC’s “Across the Waves - The Seafaring Irish Exhibition” is open from March 15 at EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum, CHQ building, Custom House Quay, Dublin 1. For more information and tickets visit www.ptpatricksfestival.ie.

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